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Trade Logistic KZ-тағы мансап

«Trade Logistics KZ» ЖШС - жоғары тиімді мамандардың тобы. Біздің күшіміз ойлау бірлігі, жұмысқа деген шынайы сүйіспеншілік, үздіксіз жетілу. Мұнда жұмыс сапасына деген жоғары талаптар, лайықты ынталандыру жүйесі, қатаң тәртіп - мұнда талантты қызметкерлер темір жолында табыстылық туралы жазады.

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1 тенге

2018-11-14 23:35:02

Finance Manager / Income and Expense Accounting Manager
150000 тенге
Required work experience: 3–6 years

Full time, full day

Since February 2014, Trade Logistic KZ LLP provides high-quality and efficient service in terms of the provision and maintenance of wagons to the destination station. The geography of transportation of our Company is: in the park of covered wagons, gondola cars and grain carriers to Iran, Afghanistan, countries of Central Asia, Baltic ports, Black Sea ports.

The Company's clients are the largest producers and exporters of grain crops in Kazakhstan, such as: Corporation APK-Invest LLP, Logos-Grein LLP, Biday Zhas LLP, Agro-Star Grain LLP, Sercan Investments LLP, LLP Techagroresursy ", BR-Export LLP. "TsASK" LLP, "Coms Trade AG" LLP, "Nur Agro Astyk" LLP and many others.

We are located in Astana, in a luxurious, cozy, comfortable office in the Business Center Millenium Park.


- to keep financial statements and documents on the organization of repair of cars


- LEAVE a register of wagon repairs in terms of accounting for income and expenses, CHECK the correctness of filling the register with other staff (not financiers)

YES, IF ...

You have experience in maintaining the financial statements and workflow of three years.
You know well and know how to use 1C or any other accounting program.
You are good at programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
You speak and write correctly without errors.
You know how to work without a nanny. You can let go and not worry that the problem will not be solved. When you are at a dead end, you will come and show approximate solutions to the issue, together we will choose the best.

You are a solver. If you assign a task, then it will definitely be done, and if you can’t do it, then bring a reasoned answer “what’s the trouble”. If you do not have the competence to solve the problem, then you will find someone to help.
You dive deeply or learn quickly - in every task you know how everything works to the smallest detail.
The most important thing is that you do everything from the position “I care.”
You are ready for an unregulated day, until you put everything on good rails.
You know exactly what you want from life and how to achieve it.


Transparent motivation system: salary + KPI award monthly, after successfully completing the trial period
Everything is white and fair: registration in the company staff, the salary is always on time and the bonuses are always great. All under the Labor Code.
Work in a cool young and friendly team - we have one youth, but all with burning eyes.

2017-09-28 22:19:55

«Trade Logistics KZ» ЖШС сұхбатқа байланысты үміткерлердің шығындарын өтемейді. Сұхбатқа кететін шығындар (сухбатқа бару жол ақысы, тұруы, барлық түрдегі коммуникациялық қызметтерді пайдалану) кандидаттар өз есебінен шығады.

Сіздің резюмеңіздегі барлық ақпарат құпия болып табылады және тек HR-менеджерге қол жетімді. Егер басқа лауазымға кандидат лауазымға орналасса, сіздің жеке ақпаратыңыз біздің жүйемізде бір жылға сақталады. Дегенмен, оны бұрын жоюға болады.